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Welcome to 5 gallons to liters, our page about the 5 gallons to liters conversion. Here we answer how many liters are in 5 gallons, for imperial as well as for US gallons. If you have been looking for 5 gallon to liter or five gallons to liter, then you are of course right here, too. Read on to learn everything about 5 gallons to liters, and make sure to check out our converter below.

How many Liters in 5 Gallons

The answer to the question how many liters in 5 gallons depends on the kind of gallon you have: Imperial or US, liquid or dry. If you have 5 gallons, but you are unsure of which type, then you may find out about it by reading our home page. When we write 5 US gallons we mean 5 US liquid gallons, unless stated otherwise. And 5 imperial gallons is the same as 5 UK gallons.

5 gallons in liters is:

5 Imperial gallons to liters = 22.73045 L
5 US gallons to liters = 18.92706 liters

5 US dry gallons to liters = 22.02449 L

In case of US liquid gallons, 5 gal to L = 18.92706 liters, and for UK gallons we get 5 gallon to liter = 22.73045 L. Finally, for US dry gallons, we note that five gallons to liter equal 22.02449 L.

The common abbreviations for the 5 gallons to liters conversion include, but are not limited, to:

5 US gal to L, 5 UK gal to L, 5 US gal dry to L, 5 US gal liquid to L, 5 gal US to L, 5 gal UK to L, 5 gal US dry to L, 5 gal US liquid to L, and 5 imp gal to L or 5 gal imp to L.

Here you can convert 5 liters to gallons.

Learn how to change five gallons to liters next. Below you can also find our converter, not only to change 5 gallons into liters; it converts any amount and any kind of gallon to liters.

Convert 5 Gallons to Liters

As follows from above, to convert 5 gallons to liters you must know which kind of gallon you have. Then proceed by using the corresponding 5 gallons to liters formula a bit further down, or use our converter.

Enter the volume in gallons, e.g. 5, next confirm or change the measure to your unit under consideration using the drop-down menu. Then press the convert button.

We now show you how to convert 5 gallons to liters using the formulas from our home page:

Convert 5 US Gallons to Liters

To convert 5 US gallons to liters multiply the amount of gallons, 5, by 3.785411784:

5 x 3.785411784 = 18.92706 L

Convert 5 UK Gallons to Liters

To convert 5 imperial gallons to liters take the volume in gallons, 5, and multiply it by 4.54609:

5 x 4.54609 = 22.73045 L

Convert 5 US Dry Gallons to Liters

To convert 5 US dry gallons to liters divide 5 by 0.22702:

5 / 0.22702 = 22.02449 L

Apart from 5 gallons to liters, similar conversions on our site include:

5 Gallons to Liters Conversion

By reading all of the above you know the 5 gallons to liters conversion inside out. If you have been looking for 5 gallon to liter or 5 gal to L then you now have all the answers, too.

5 Gallons to Liters

The same applies to those visitors who have been looking for how many liters is 5 gallons, 5 gallon to liters, or 5 gallons in liter, just to name a few other terms searched repeatedly.

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