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How many Gallons in a Liter

How many gallons in a liter depends on the gallon under consideration: The US liquid gallon and the Imperial gallon, aka UK gallon, are volume units used to measure liquid capacities such as a tank of gas.

In contrast, the US dry gallon is a volume unit used to measure unpackaged materials of large quantities such as coal and grain for example; in fact it is hardly ever used in everyday life.

These are the three types of gallons in use these days.

  • An US liquid gallon = 3.785411784 liters
  • An Imperial gallon = 4.54609 liters
  • An US dry gallon ~ 4.405 liters

In the course of history, there used to be more and different definitions, but the above is what’s legally defined these days. In any case make sure to identify the correct kind of gallon for your purpose.

Note the significant difference between the US and the UK liquid gallons: The imperial gallon is ~ 20 percent more compared to its US counterpart. Not only when buying gas does that make quite a difference.

The terms UK gallon and Imperial gallon can be used interchangeably. The unit is being used as standard measurement in some Commonwealth countries and in the UK.

Additionally, in some places like Canada the unit is being used for fuel economy purposes.

The US liquid gallon is not only used in the United States, but also in Latin America, some Caribbean countries as well as Liberia. For the detailed list check out the referenced URL on our home page.

The unit symbol for liter is “L”, either as minuscule or as majuscule.

In turn, the unit symbol for gallons is “gal”. Thus, you may come across of abbreviations such as gal UK, gal US, gal dry and gal liq US, just to name few.

In the next paragraph of liter to gal we show you how to change liters into gallons.

Convert Liter to Gallon

To convert liter to gallon use the formula below which corresponds to your unit. We have also given three liters in gallon examples to help you get started doing the math.

Convert Liter to US Liquid Gallon

[gal] = [L] / 3.785411784

For example, to convert 5 liters to US liquid gallon divide 5 by 3.785411784 to obtain ~ 1.32 gallons. For the unit under consideration the liter per gallon conversion produces ~ 4/3 gal US.

Convert Liter to Imperial Gallon

[gal] = [L] / 4.54609

For example, to convert 6 liters to UK gallons divide 6 by 4.54609 to get ~ 1.32 gallons. In this case, the liter per gallon calculation renders ~ 1 1/3 gal UK.

Convert Liter to US Dry Gallon

[gal]= [L] x 0.22702

For example, to convert 12 liters to US dry gallon multiply 12 by 0.22702 to get ~ 2.72 gallons. Twelve liters to gallon are approximately 2 3/4 dry gal.

If you are not keen on using formulas, then you can use our calculator below to convert liters to gallons.

Liter to Gallon Converter

Start by entering the volume in liters. Next, choose the unit you want to obtain the result automatically.

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Liter to Gallon Conversion

You already know all about the liter to gallon conversion, and you can answer how many gallons in a liter for both, the imperial and the US liquid gallon, as well as the US dry gallon.

If you have been searching for convert liters to gallons, liter in gallon, or liters per gallon, then you know how calculate these equivalences, too.

As some people search for how many gallons in a liter of water, milk, gas, or even ice cream, we also have the answer for them:

How many gallons in a liter is independent from the substance; the unit liter measures capacity or volume!

We sum liter to gallon up using this image:

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